NEW! Christmas Adventure results

Hey adventurer!

Welcome to take part of TIK Christmas Adventure! The adventure is FREE for everyone!

The adventure is open from Friday, December 1 until 10:00 pm on Sunday, December 17.

The start of the adventure is at the Freedom Square next to the cross of freedom. When you’re ready to start, open the app and press “start” and time will start running. Your phone’s GPS must be turned on.  The end of the adventure is on the same spot. When fixing checkpoints, you must be in radius of 50m to the checkpoint. You can only end the adventure at the spot of the Finish (Freedom Square).  Select “Finish” and select “F” and the time will be closed automatically. Every team needs one fully charged smartphone. The app is suitable for both Android and iPhone. Team size is 1-5 members.

Here is the printable map for the adventure (but you can also use it on your mobile device):

You have 2 hours to complete the adventure. There are 30 checkpoints on the track. On the map, as an adventurous element, some map fragments are placed in another place and mixed up with each other. You can pass the points in any order you like and you can also skip the points if you wish.

The value of a checkpoint is equal to the first digit of the point number (e.g. checkpoint 62 will add 6 points to your score). An incorrect answer equals to the same amount of minus points (e.g. in incorrect answer for checkpoint 62 will lose 6 points from your score).

If there is a problem with a checkpoint (is not accessible due to a construction works or the point is missing), select “Missing point” in the app.

The adventure control time consists of 1 hour of normal time, followed by two additional times of 0.5 hours. During the first extra time, the team loses 1 point in every two minutes. During the second extra time, the team loses 1 point in every minute.

The checkpoints are historical and fascinating places (buildings, memorials, sculptures, information boards, etc.). The leaderboard will be formed, but of course everyone who participates, is a winner!

The results of the adventure can be seen here:

In the adventure, we use an adventure app called Nutilogi to record points. The app works on both Andorid and iPhone:

You can find the app in both Play and App Store.

For Android phone:

For iPhone:


1. Download the app to your phone
2. Install the Adventure app “Nutilogi” (Allow the app to do all the things it asks for).
3. Open the app and on the first time you must identify yourself using a google account or via phone number.
4. Choose a suitable adventure from the list: TIK Jõuluseiklus.
5. Name your team and join.
6. You will see a list of checkpoints on the screen.
7. When you reach a certain checkpoint, select the same checkpoint from the app and click the correct answer (You must be in the radius of 50m to the checkpoint to fix it in the app).
8. Slide the “slider” at the top of the screen from left to right to lock the point. For iPhone, select the correct answer option and slide the correct answer from left to right.
9. To finish the race, select “finish” from the menu and select the letter “F”. The time will stop automatically.

If you have any questions, feel free to write!

Joonas Väärtnõu
Ministry of Adventure